Faculty of Philology and Media Communications

Faculty of Philology and Media Communications is one of the most perspective and popular faculty among students. 


Graduates can use their knowledge and skills in further scientific research and on the workplace as well and be successful. Those who want to deepen research have a great opportunity - within philological faculty we have postgraduate courses in three fields of study: "Russian language"“Language Theory” and “Russian literature”.


Faculty of Philology and Media Communications has more than 750 scheduled students (full-time and part-time). The quality and level of education and excellence work of our professors attract students from different countries. Our stuff is almost 70 professors, including 9 PhDs.

Faculty regularly issues the journal “Bulletin of Omsk University”, collections “Philological yearbook”“Patristic traditions in the Russian literature” and “Slavic readings”“Book and world culture”. Any person can publish results of researches.

Also there is a student’s newspaper «Филin», Any student can join to edition and can take part in creation of the newspaper. It can be a great practice for “masters of a word” beginners. Regularly the faculty is holding different seminars that give a chance to young researchers to present their achievements.

Based on the faculty the career-oriented school, “Small Philological Faculty” is helping future student to prepare for entrance exams, to choose a specialty and to deepen knowledge on philological subjects.